Cornus mas and urinary tract infections (UTIs) treatment?

Document Type: Editorial


1 Urology Research Center,Tehran University of Medical Sciences

2 Urology Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran



Abstract: The urinary tract infections (UTI) are somehow complicated to treat and patients frequently will have problem of infection recurrence after complete cure. Usually the UTI treatment is done by Antibiotics but the problem of the bacterium resistance and sensitivity should be always kept in mind. The recent trends in herbal medicine open the new insight to cranberry (cornus mas) as the promising anti infection and anti-cancer substance. It has shown anti –infection property in UTI especially for the complete treatment of urinary tract recurrent infection. However, it can increase the risk of kidney stone and have interaction with warfarin.
Background: A urinary tract infection (UTI) starts when bacteria enter the urinary tract, bladder, and kidneys. Antibiotics are usual medications to treat a UTI and to stop symptoms like pain, burning, and an urgent need to pee. The choice of antibiotic depends on two facts: what kind of bacteria caused the infection and how severe the UTI is